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Mend Together

 Mend Together is not running at the moment.
The Maker’s Place Repair Cafe!!

What’s the aim?

We aim to help people repair items, helping people to save money, learn repair skills and save items going from landfill! 


What items can I bring along?

We have a team of people willing to help repair: 


Small electrical items

Wooden items such as a chair 

Small items including toys 


How much does it cost?

We are not charging for this service but just asking for donations towards The Maker's Place please. Donations can be made via cash or card.


How many items can I bring along?

Only 1 item to be brought along per person, per session! 


When will the café be open?

We hope the repair cafe will then be launched on Friday May 6th from 5pm -8pm, then June 3rd & July 1st 2022


How do I book my item in to be repaired?

If you have or know someone that has an item that requires repair please fill in our form on the Maker’s Place website.


For further details look at the website or email

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