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The Craft Cabin Lands

Updated: Apr 9

The 42 foot portable cabin safely landed on Spring Farm in Somerset at the beginning of July. It was not without its obstacles though as we were uncertain whether the vehicle moving it would be able to leave where it was brought from and then if it could get access the farm. Dan and Tim worked hard the week leading up to the arrival by widening the entrance to the farm, something that was wanting to be done at some point anyway but with the arrival of the cabin it was definitely needed.

Here are some videos of it arriving, the moving company were great and made it look so easy. The hope is to convert the cabin into a craft cabin with a tea room, then in time develop a wooden workshop canopied area. As we are running this voluntarily it may take some time to convert the cabin but we will try to keep you up to date with any progress as this is such an exciting venture that should be shared and we would like to invite you to join the journey.

Although the cabin is just one element to the vision, it was a big step for Spring Farm in joining the location of the farm with the vision of The Maker's Place together.

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