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October Update

Here is an update of what we have been doing since opening at the end of September, but first please look at the glass workshops next week,as you maybe interested in attending or telling others about them.

Glass Workshops On Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd we have invited a lady to come and show us how to do some lovely glass soldering. She will have some great pre cut kits ready to be copper soldered together. Do sign up soon as some sessions are already fully booked.

What we have gotten up too:

Here is a bit about what we did this last month, the first month being officially open to the public!

 We started back our face to face workshops for Cancer Patients. Tuesdays are generally our Cancer Crafters day, funded by Yeovil Hospitals League of friends and YDH Charity with an aim to support people more mentally and socially through and after treatment. Cancer Crafters  We started a brand new Men's Group for cancer patient's on Friday's 1-3pm this is also funded by the League of Friends and YDH Charity. It involves woodwork, basic DIY, vegetable patch and repair shop type activities. Lead by Tim and supported by Becca. More info

Craft Workshops we ran from the cabin in October included...

 Carrie from Beyond Beautiful Creations led a workshop showing us how to transfer a photo to a piece of wood.  Carol, who is very camera shy, came and led a willow weaving session. It was lovely to enjoy the autumn sunshine that day.  Jenny taught us how to make a macrame plant holder in workshop at the craft cabin.

We had our first Make Together which was a Saturday morning session learning how to mulch, press and pasteurise Apple Juice. We were blessed by the sunshine. It really was a lovely atmosphere, adults and children learning and making together. The juice was yummy too!

We will be having a tidy up on the vegetable patch soon and planting some bulbs for spring. Jude is kindly bedding up the troughs by the cabin. Animals - We now have the hens and just 2 cockerels happily all together plus two new hens Buddie and Bessie have joined them! They are all laying well. The sheep remain well.

We had a great Sketchbook Scripture session one Sunday afternoon, again it was lovely to have a variety of ages together journalling and being creative. The next one is Sunday 7th November 2-5pm in the Craft Cabin. This is free.

The Tuesday Make and Mend group continues to meet 7-9pm. The chaps have been clearing out an old out building on the farm so we can use as storage overflow which will be really helpful. They are always keen for more to join them on a Tuesday please get in touch with Tim if interested on 07968 232871.

Think that's about it for now. Please check our website or Facebook page for up to date information on what is going on. We have a monthly prayer meeting for The Maker's Place once a month on a Monday evening on Zoom, if you would like to attend get in touch with Dan, Sarah, Tim or Becca for more information.

Many many thanks for all your support so far. This venture is very much a team effort and we appreciate all the encouragement, financial and prayer support from you all.

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