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June Update

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

This last month we have had quite a few visitors up at the farm coming to see what we are getting up to. It has been great to have people's support and interest. One visitor even brought a very sizeable cash donation to what we are doing. This was such a blessing and encouragement, we are truly so thankful to them, they said God had told them specifically to give what they did, amazing.

Craft Cabin Update

  • Tim and Robbie have built a workbench under the far window which will be really helpful prep and drying space. The removable storage boxes fit nicely underneath.

  • We have ordered the blinds and a large curtain for the tea room. This is being made fire retardant.

  • The worktop in the tea room has been rounded off.

  • The shelves above the sinks have been fitted and fixed.

  • The first aid kit has been checked and updated.

  • We have also been doing less exciting things such as sorting out insurance and risk assessments

Veg Patch Update

  • 8 vegetable beds were rotivated, sectioned with oak boarders, weed membrane placed down and then bark applied for paths

  • Another 8 beds have been rotivated and sectioned, awaiting finishing off with bark and plants

  • Plants and seeds have been put in...courgette, beans, rhubarb, and other things.

  • A small electric fence has been put in place to protect the plants

  • The water tap has been extended so that its easier to water the plants.

Farm and Animals

  • The chicks that were hatched out in spring are doing well in their new chicken house

  • The lambs are growing big and go for daily walks on their harnesses.

We are still trying to get started with building the toilets and wooden canopy area for a wood workshop. Things are moving forwards just rather slowly.

We had a team meeting at the farm on a sunny Sunday lunchtime. This was a great time of meeting together to share and pray for The Maker's Place. We hope to do again soon and hopefully be able to open up to more people once Covid restrictions allow.

Up and Coming Events

  • Tim and a few others have started a Tuesday evening Maker's and Menders time on the farm, initially getting tent poles fixed for camp as well as helping to finish off things that need doing. The hope is that this will turn into a session that people can bring broken things and learn how to mend them.

  • We are planning an Activity Day for the Children of foster families, they are coming for a day in August and we are looking to provide some workshops on the theme of Make Mend and Grow.

  • We hope to run a Messy Church type event aimed at young families, on Saturday September 11th, more details to follow.

  • Monthly Monday pray meetings on zoom for the project, at 8pm, if you would like to come do email us.

Do get in touch if you would like to be involved or help in anyway.

Think that's about all for now.

Many thanks for your support.

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