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What's in a name? ...The Maker's Place...making and growing together

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Tim and Becca have had a dream to create a safe welcoming workshop space for people to come and be creative together for a long time now. For people to learn to make and fix things but also be made to feel at home and accepted. Dan and Sarah Dunning on Spring Farm in Ash have the location and heart to join in supporting and facilitating this dream. Collectively they wanted a name for the place to reflect this, they wanted a name that could appeal to lots of different groups of people. Their Christian faith is a strong influence and motivator, so with all this in mind the name The Maker's Place with the tag line making and growing together was suggested. They want people to come make and mend all sorts of things but it is also a place which the ultimate maker is the foundation. They want people to feel Gods love and acceptance and grow in faith. They want to start each day with prayer and end with a moment of reflection. Making and growing together.

More information as to what this will practically look and feel like to follow.

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