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Light Party 2020

Below is the Video to accompany the Light Party bags this year. Thank you World Vision for the Pumpkin Patch story!

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All Videos

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There is also another edited version on YouTube its in 4 parts on The Maker's Place channel.

Below is a gallery of some photos that you have emailed in, thank you!!!

Light Party's are a non scary Christian alternative to Halloween. The idea is to celebrate what is life giving and positive rather then what is dark.

Due to Covid restrictions we sadly can not host face to face parties but have made these goodie bags which will be crammed full of lovely things to entertain your 4-11 year olds. There will be competitions to take part in, crafts to make, a story to read and other goodies. We will also release a Youtube video on October 31st with games, music and a story from Pumpkin Patch.

Take - Take some good news with you and a goodie bag

Make - There will be lots of lovely things inside to make.

Create - Create a super light party for your little ones.

There is no charge for the goodie bags but a recommended donation of £2 per kit which will go back to coverings the costs.

Please email for more information. Goodie bags will be available to collect on 23rd/24th October 2020 from Spring Farm in Ash. TA12 6PD.

We will also be giving out willow lantern kits with a how to video link for

people to make their own lantern, these are great for youth or adults to make too!

Suggested donation £5

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