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Christmas Open Event 2022

We are pleased to announce we are having another Christmas Open Event this year. 

Please book in here for each person who is coming Adult or Child. This is so we know you are coming and we can prepare. 


Entry is donation only as we don't want money to be an issue to stop people coming. However we would appreciate a contribution to the running costs please as we are a non profit charitable company and rely on donations to keep running, thank you.

Donkey rides and food vans are charged seperately as these are seperate companies.


There will be similar yet different activities to last years. 

Our theme this year is BORN TO BE KING

With a new king of England we would like to explore how Jesus was born to be King of all kings. 

There will be:

  • Animals to pet and see

  • Donkey rides

  • The MCF Puppet team

  • Interactive activities

  • A Three king Trail around the farm

  • Fire Pit cooking including hotdogs and popcorn

  • Ice Cream Van

  • Pizza Van

  • Crafts for all to make and do

  • A few stalls to buy gifts


These events really are great for all ages. Adults are responsible for the children they bring at all times. 

We have a variety of lots of small groups at The Maker's Place so it is great to all get together and showcase what we do.


Disabled Parking only

There is parking at the local rec and school up the road, so just walk on down.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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